Premium Quality Turbine Oils

Specially developed from highly refined hydro-treated base oil with state-of-art additives such as oxidation inhibitor, rust preventive, anti-foam and oiliness agents.

Product Name Density @ 15ºC (kg/m³) Flash Point (ºC) Kinematic Viscosity (mm²/s) Viscosity Index (VI) Pour Point (ºC) Product Application
40ºC 100ºC
Metal Quest T-320.868 234 32 5.3 101 -15 Recommended for used as turbine oil for gas and steam turbines. It can also be use in gearboxes as lubrication for turbine plants and turbo compressors.
Metal Quest T-460.871 238 46 6.9 101 -15
Metal Quest T-680.873 242 68 8.8 101 -15