Premium Quality Refrigeration Fluids

Formulated with premium quality essentially wax-free oil for the lubrication of refrigeration and air-conditioning compressor when refrigerant other than HFCs are used. It developed from narrow-cut non-paraffinic or hydro-treated base oils with extremely Low Pour Point.

Product Name Density @ 15ºC (kg/m³) Flash Point (ºC) Kinematic Viscosity (mm²/s) Viscosity Index (VI) Pour Point (ºC) Product Application
40ºC 100ºC
Metal Quest RO-320.840 180 32 4.4 9 -60 Recommended for reciprocating and rotary compressors, air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems using Chlorofluro-Carbon (CFCs), refrigeration systems that adopting ammonia, carbon dioxide, sullphur dioxide or ethylene chloride.
Metal Quest RO-460.840 184 46 5.5 16 -55
Metal Quest RO-680.850 190 68 6.6 24 -50