Drawing Oils

METAL QUEST PS SERIES drawing fluids provide exceptional tool protection, minimize wear and have superior forming quality resulting in optimized costs even in the most difficult applications. METAL QUEST PS SERIES are superior drawing compounds with optimized content of solid lubricant, making them suitable for the highest deformation ratios. Extremely effective in wear reduction, has good anti-scoring properties and provides extended tool life. Recommended for bare, galvanized and otherwise coated steel sheets.

Product Name Appearance Density @ 15.4ºC Viscosity @ 40ºC (cSt) Flash Point, ºC (C.O.C) Copper Corrosion (100ºC X 3hrs) Punching (Thickness) Stamping (Thickness) Product Application
METAL QUEST PS-NO. 40Dark Yellow 0.99 57 230 1a < 5.0 Possible Excellent for Transfer Press.
METAL QUEST PS-NO. 55Yellow 0.93 80 220 1a < 3.0 Possible General drawing process.