Premium Quality Anti Wear Hydraulic & General Lubricating Fluids

Formulated with premium quality of highly refined base oils with superior additives generally used in the field of industrial hydraulic and general lubricating purposes. Fortified with carefully select additives to provide excellent performance for various hydraulic system.

Product Name Density @ 15ºC (kg/m³) Flash Point (ºC) Kinematic Viscosity (mm²/s) Viscosity Index (VI) Pour Point (ºC) Product Application
40ºC 100ºC
Metal Quest MO-320.875210325.499-30 Recommended used as lubricating oils especially as hydraulic oils when good oxidation-resistance, good wear protection, detergency and demulsifying properties are required. Metal Quest MO Series is a Universal Hydraulic Oils for all systems even in extreme working conditions.
Metal Quest MO-460.879219466.798-30
Metal Quest MO-680.886224688.697-24
Metal Quest MO-1000.89123510011.196-24