Premium Quality Extreme Pressure Industrial Gear Fluids

A premium grade Extreme Pressure Gear Oils formulated for lubrication of heavy-duty industrial gears. Incorporate with high load carrying capacity and anti-friction properties to provides superior performance.

Product Name Density @ 15ºC (kg/m³) Flash Point (ºC) Kinematic Viscosity (mm²/s) Viscosity Index (VI) Pour Point (ºC) Product Application
40ºC 100ºC
Metal Quest GO-680.887 236 68 8.7 99 -24 Recommended for industrial spur-helical and bevel enclosed gear with circulation or splash lubrication that operate at oil temperature above 100ºC. Particularly used for gear sets working under heavy load or shock load.
Metal Quest GO-1000.891 240 100 11.4 100 -24
Metal Quest GO-1500.897 240 150 15.0 100 -24
Metal Quest GO-2200.899 240 220 19.4 100 -18
Metal Quest GO-3200.903 260 320 25.0 100 -15