Rust Preventive Fluids

Advance technology rust preventive that formulated for the purpose of prevent machining parts from rust. It specially designed to provide temporary corrosion protection in a salt laden environment.

A specially developed rust preventive fluid without solvent that provides maximum protection against corrosion of areas exposed to severe humid condition with its superb ageing resistance and long time protective film or oil structure.

Product Name Appearance Density @ 15ºC (kg/m³) Kinematic Viscosity (mm²/s) @ 40ºC Flash Point, (ºC) Product Application
Metal Quest ARX-10 (Water Displacement) Light Brown 0.790 1.20 48 Recommended for operation where rust preventive is required on ferrous and non-ferrous metal especially steel plates, pipes, tooling and other metal parts. It can also be use in light stamping and punching processes.
Metal Quest ARX-98 (Oil Base) Dark Brown 0.862 2.45 96 Recommended for protection where light to medium machinery parts, bolts and nuts, wire, steel plate and pipe, rod, wire, spring gauges, highly finished parts, electroplated parts and others semi-finished components.